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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 15, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> that's what he told 911. but now, this rich businessman is telling a different story. >> her death was an unexpected and tragic accident. >> shepard: tonight, inside the courtroom for the millionaire's murder trial. a fire erupts aboard a cruise ship and people are dead. now, investigators say it looks like something exploded. plus a medal of honor foa united states marine. a man who risks his life to save troops caught in the line of fire. >> we're going to either go in there or we're going to die trying, you know, that's how it is. that's your brothers in there. >> shepard: tonight, the remarkable story of an exceptional marine. and details of his beer with the president. but first from fox this thursday
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night, she did, she's done. i'm sorry. those words from the florida millionaire accused of murdering his wife. today in orlando for the very first time, the jurors heard the 911 call from this developer, bob ward, in which he actually says he killed his wife diane. he placed the call from his mansion in an exclusive suburb that's been home to celebrities including tiger woods. >> shepard: that was played today in court. one cried openly and hugged a relative. bob ward insists his father was
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trying to kill himself in 2009 and when they wrestled with the gun, it went off in her face. >> diane ward was killed by a single gunshot wound as she struggled with her husband over a loaded gun. this entire incident happened in the blink of an eye. her death was an unexpected and tragic accident. >> shepard: that from the defense and it does echo what ward told relatives when he called them from a police interrogation room. >> diane's dead. >> oh, no! >> and it's not real pretty right now and nobody knows about it but you. i probably can't tell you anything right now other than that she's dead. and it was an accident. and i will tell you more about it later. but, you know, it was a very tragic accident.
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>> shepard: but observers note ward's behavior behind bars didn't exactly indicate he just had gone through a tragedy. this is jailhouse video of him dancing during a visit with his daughter and his dead wife's sister. their conversation clearly was not overshadowed by grief. >> there's no cold water and barely any hot water plus -- believe me, i'm right here. >> that's life changing for you. i can only imagine. i know you're missing a bedet. >> shepard: the jury will apparently never see that video. the judge ruled that's not relevant. steve harrigan live in our florida newsroom tonight. how did both sides set the story today, steve? >> for the prosecution, they are clearly making the case that this is a second degree murder. they're going to rely heavily on the 911 tapes in which bob ward on five different occasions says to the operator, i just killed my wife.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, nothing changes about the fact that bob ward shot her almost dead between the eyes. because the 911 call came in and the very first word out of bob ward's mouth about his wife was i just shot my wife! >> for the defense, this is an accident. an accident between a loving couple with no history of domestic violence after 26 years of marriage. >> rather than the evidence showing there was any ill will between mr. and mrs. ward, the evidence will show you they were very close and respectful of one another. they've had spats like any married couple has but they were best friends.
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>> they also intend to try to show that diane ward had a high level of alcohol in her system, that she was on anti-depressants and possibly suicidal. shepard? >> shepard: people are giving this case a lot of attention and not just because of the millionaire is involved here. >> there are a lot of weird factors. you referenceed that video before, that jailhouse video where you have a man accused of shooting his wife in the face who is dancing during a jailhouse visit. not only is he dancing but his daughter, the woman's natural daughter is dancing as well. you have a discussion between ward and a policeman on the way to jail with his wife still dead in the master bedroom about college football. he's an fsu man. and finally, you have the question about this suicide. how could it have been a suicide if the gun was fired more than 18 inches away, if there's no powder marks on the woman's hands, and the direction of the bullet, too, just by the left nostril. forensic experts say that almost never occurs in a suicide especially among women. you have a very high profile
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case that's generated a ton of interest here and some real pressure on the orlando prosecutors to get a win this time around, shepard? >> shepard: steve harrigan live in florida tonight. thank you. cops in london report they've arrested a man described as a rogue trader at the swiss banking giant ubs. the allegation -- he lost $2 billion in one unauthorized trade. one trade. $2 billion. maybe he thought nobody would notice. according to investigators, the suspect is 31 years old and had only been working for the bank for a few years. police arrested him on charges of abusing his position to commit fraud. ubs claims the loss will not affect any clients but the bank reports it could now post a loss for the entire third quarter of the year. and the scandal comes just a month after the already ailing bank announced it was slashing 3500 jobs in an effort to save about the same amount of money that this rogue trader reportedly lost. so good news all around.
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keep in mind, today is three years to the day since the collapse of the investment bank lehman brothers. which analysts say marks the beginning of our nation's current economic fiasco. jerry willis is here now, the host of "the willis report" on the fox business network. what do we know about this young man? >> we've been looking at him all day. about 31 years of age, he's only been in the business 4 1/2 years. just a couple of years ago, shep, he was working as a trainee, worked his way up. i'm going to tell you, he was already showing some signs of trouble on his facebook page a week ago. he posted that he needed a miracle. we look at the regulatory filings, no disciplinary actions taken against this fella, no prior record here. let me show you how he stacks up in the gallery of people who made unauthorized trades. he comes in number two behind jerome, probably remember that scenario, more than $6 billion lost in a rogue trade. but let me tell you, it started out, that investigation at $2
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billion as well. you don't know how this is going to end up. the next name on that list is probably the one you know because that's the fellow who got the movie made about him. >> shepard: you know, this is a huge blow to ubs especially at a time when the european banks are so on edge. >> just today, the federal reserve said they're going to start a program flooding the european market with dollars because european banks struggling here because of the weight of entitlement programs in countries like greece so they are in big trouble looking for help not just from the u.s. but other countries as well. we have to wait and see how they do. i have to tell you having covered the lehman debacle it's familiar to what's going on today in the international money markets. >> shepard: gerri willis, watch for you on the fox business network. the number of people applying for first time unemployment benefits has just hit the highest level in three months. that news today from the u.s. labor department and it comes as republicans launch new criticism at president obama's jobs
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proposal. the g.o.p. message and the administration's defense coming up just minutes from now. plus a judge deals a big setback to the accused underwear bomber. the man who tried to blow a plane out of the sky around detroit. we'll see how the suspect's words could come back to hurt him quite a bit from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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okay. no(running. oh, dear. save on all your rides. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> the accused underwear bomber's own words could help prosecutors put him away. today, a judge ruled that his admission to f.b.i. agents can indeed be used at trial. prosecutors say umar farouk abdulmutallab tried to ignite a bomb hidden in his underwear during a flight from amsterdam to detroit christmas day of 2009. officials say the bomb could have killed close to 300 people on board had it exploded. agents say abdulmutallab made incriminating statements while he was in the hospital for burns.
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defense attorneys said they wanted those statements thrown out because agents never told him he had the right to remain silent but today, a judge disagre disagreed. jonathan hunt is with us. how did the judge justify the decision? >> it's a highly unusual decision, shep, but the judge essentially accepted the argument that they did not want to read abdulmutallab his rights because if they did, they thought he might stop talking and they feared there might be other potential suicide bombers in other airplanes still in the air at that time. as for his other claim that he was disoriented because of painkillers in the hospital, the judge accepted a nurse's testimony that he appeared lucid and did appear, indeed, to understand the questioning of federal agents. >> this guy is due back in court, when, next month? >> yeah, later this month. he's due back on september 27th for another hearing at which prosecutors will ask the judge to allow them to introduce to the jury video showing the power of the kind of explosives
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abdulmutallab was trying to use and the damage it might have caused had his underpants actually exploded. on october 4th, jury selection will begin and opening arguments currently scheduled for october 11th. >> shepard: all right. thanks very much. an apparent u.s. drone strike has reportedly killed a top al-qaida operative. u.s. officials confirm the death of this man whom they describe as the chief of operations for the al-qaida network in pakistan. now, they won't confirm how he died since the c.i.a. drone program is classified but they say it's another blow for network which lost its leader, usama bin laden, earlier this year for the first time since the rebels seized control of the capital of libya, the country is hosting a pair of foreign leaders. the french president nicolas sarkozy and the british prime minister david cameron swinging by the capital of tripoli and the rebels strong hold of ben-ghazi. crowds outside gave them a warm welcome as they promised to help
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support the country's transitional government. >> this was your revolution. not our revolution. it was those brave people in tripoli who were incredibly brave in removing the dreadful dictatorship of qaddafi. >> the british prime minister telling the remaining qaddafi supporters that the conflict is now over and to "go home." both foreign leaders had oil dealings with qaddafi and hope to have some with the next regime. a possible break in the case of a missing mother whose husband police call a person of interest. remember this man? he said he took his kids camping. of course, the campout began after midnight and the temperature was below zero but it seemed right to him and his father says he had a sexual relationship with his missing daughter-in-law. quite a family. tonight, that husband's family is speaking out. plus a jury may have acquitted
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>> authorities in aruba say they plan to test an american man's plane that his missing travel companion must have drowned. the idea to re-create the version of events to determine if that could have happened the way he said it did. robin gardner disappeared more than a month ago from the same resort town where the missing teenager natalee holloway vanished in 2005. police arrested this prime suspect as he was about to board a flight to the united states. he says the woman, gardner was swept out to sea while they were snorkling. we're told officials will test that claim near the southern tip
4:20 pm
of the caribbean island sometime within the next few days. a federal anthropologist heading to utah to study the remains that police found while searching for clues in the disappearance of a mother nearly two years ago. you may recall susan powell vanished in december of 2009 and investigators have called her husband a person of interest in part because of his bizarre alibi. he's josh powell. he claims that on the last day anybody saw his wife. he went camping with his two very young sons. went camping in the middle of the night with a temperature below zero. and after she disappeared, he also gave some tearful statements to reporters. >> we just miss her and we want her back and -- and i love her and my boys love her. >> how are they doing? >> they're doing ok. >> do you have any idea what happened to her? >> no. thank you. >> shepard: since then, the cops say powell has largely stopped
4:21 pm
cooperating with them but in the last few weeks, his father has come forward to claim he once had a flirtatious relationship with the son's now missing wife. alicia acuna tries to make sense of all this from our rocky mountain newsroom. any answers from this anthropologist that's come from the federal government? >> well, the anthropologist told police that these remains likely have been there, were p there fairly recently but you can't determine the gender just yet. take a listen. >> asked her to narrow it down for me and i said i need to do a little more work to narrow it down. this is something that's going to be interesting. >> the sergeant says two more cadaver dogs verified the find and cops told us that they have dug an area that's one foot deep and three foot long. >> any word from this husband, person of interest, josh powell? >> yeah, josh powell and his father put out a joint statement
4:22 pm
today and it reads "with very little information available to the public, we can only hope that additional information is released quickly to minimize heartache, rather, to those of us who love susan. in the meantime, we continue to hope for susan's safe return." susan's father chuck cox says he decided to fly to salt lake city today to meet with police. cox says while he's not hoping it's his daughter -- >> if she's not alive, we want to find her and we'd like to move on so i can't say i hope it's her. certainly not. >> cox went on to explain that the family has been told about five different times that police might be on to something. only to have it turn into nothing. helso says he wants to go to the site tomorrow. shep? >> shepard: thanks. payback for investigators in the casey anthony murder case. you decide if it's a lie. a judge has ruled the infamous
4:23 pm
orlando mother has to reduce prosecutors for their months and months for investigating the daughter that was never missing. she has to reimburse $100,000. it's well short of the half million dollars authorities say they actually spent searching for the little girl who was never missing. of course, we now know her daughter was dead when casey anthony told authorities she left caylee with a babysitter that did not exist. a jury convicted casey anthony in july not of murder but of lying to police. drama on the high seas. a cruise ship full of passengers catches fire and some folks didn't make it out alive. details coming up. plus did you see this video of the road rescue the other day? people picking up a burning car. brave men and women risking their lives to save a man they had never met. well, now, the man who was trapped is speaking. that and bottom of the hour headlines just ahead on "the fox report."
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>> a man who place say broke into a restaurant and fixed himself a meal was just hungry. we're told the 19-year-old got in through a drive-in window of a mr. beef and pizza in a chicago suburb. apparently, needed to strip down for that part, who knows? after that, officials say the surveillance video shows the suspect poured himself a soda and microwaved some chicken tenders with a side of fries. cops say sure, it's his midnight
4:28 pm
snack. they cut it short, i should say. man is facing felony burglary charges. they are closing the world's busiest border crossing after a massive construction incident. our top story on a fox trip across america. california, a scaffolding collapsed at the border crossing between tijuana, mexico and san diego, wooden planks and pieces of metal falling on more than a dozen cars injuring several people. police reopening that entry point after several hours. michigan, a commuter train slamming into this minivan west of kalamazoo. the crash killing the 19-year-old driver. investigators say they suspect he turned his car into the path of the train and the conductor couldn't stop in time. nobody else hurt. new mexico, a bomb squad setting off some dynamite at a sante fe home. the owner died recently and said the suspect found the explosives in the shed. it seems his stepfather used
4:29 pm
them to help shape steel for sculptures. arizona, this 22-year-old soldier lending his parents a hand after they lost their phoenix area home to foreclosure. he cashed in several years worth of army checks to buy back that house. >> my family -- >> he serveed in iraq and afghanistan and took a two-week leave to sign the paperwork on his childhood home. the realtor, donating his commission to a charity for military families and that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the labor department now reports 11,000 more workers filed their first claims for jobless benefits last week compared with the previous week. that brings the total number of claims to the highest level
4:30 pm
since june. so just as the president pushes his plan to create new jobs, it appears more americans are losing the ones they had. mike emanuel on the top story at the bottom of the hour from capitol hill tonight. republicans think the president is not going about this the right way. >> republicans believe businesses are facing too much uncertainty. the possibility of higher taxes, out of control government spending and what they consider unnecessary regulations. today, speaker john boehner says the president's proposed $447 billion jobs plan sounds like more of the same. take a listen. >> i can tell you that american people, private sector job creators, they're rattled by what they've seen out in this town over the past few years and my worry is that the american job creators is that all the uncertainty is turning to fear. and this toxic environment for job creation may be a permanent one. job creators in america basically are on strike.
4:31 pm
>> boehner says washington government is micromanaging, meddling and manipulating and that doesn't lead to new jobs. >> shepard: the so-called super committee is working to cut $1.2 trillion by thanksgiving. speaker boehner addressed their work today, right? >> that's right. those 12 lawmakers, he says, should look at cutting government spending, doing away with regulation, cutting loopholes in the tax code. but not raising new taxes and senate majority leader harry reid a few moments ago criticized boehner and says he's disappointed in him for taking new taxes off the table, we got this reaction from white house press secretary jay carney a little earlier today. >> we will see what the joint committee does. the public overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly agrees with the president that we should get our long term fiscal house in order. we need to approach it in a balanced way. >> meanwhile, some bipartisan
4:32 pm
senators, 36 of them called on that super committee to look for $4 trillion in cuts instead of 1 1/2 trillion by thanksgiving. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel with that herculean task from the catol hill tonight. is it time to refinance? listen to this. fixed mortgage rates fell to their lowest level in 60 years! of course, few americans are in a position to buy these days. freddie mac reports the average rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage is now 4.09%. but the experts say the falling rates are not doing much to help home sales because banks now require higher credit scores and as much as 20% down for first time buyers. meanwhile, the data from realty track reports the number of first time foreclosure notices in august jumped to a nine month high, up 33% from july. terrifying moments for some cruise ship passengers. check this out. officials say they suspect an explosion rocked the ship's engine room off the coast of
4:33 pm
norway, the fire killed t crew members. you can see the passengers crowding on to a balcony there as that thick black smoke comes up from the below deck. we're told this ship is quite popular with tourists. the crew scrambling to load more than 200 passengers into lifeboats and get them to shore. rescue teams rushing several of those crew members to the hospital with severe burns. laura ingle with the news tonight. those passengers look pretty calm. >> they do, you know, once on land, those passengers say this was an extremely well organized evacuations. many were ushered on those lifeboats that were quickly lowered down into the frigid waters. other passengers were escorted off the ship at the port which luckily was where the fire broke out. one french tourist on board said they did a really good job and there was no panic. it wasailing north along the jagged shores of norway when something went terribly wrong in that engine room around 9:00 a.m. local time. could have been a much more
4:34 pm
challenging evacuation had the ship been full. its capacity is 691 passengers but today, only had 207 guests and 55 crew members. shep? >> shepard: we got word along the way there were a lot of reports that the fire sprinklers weren't working. >> that's right. the chief of the fire brigade said they were looking into that and the electricity was knocked out. it reportedly took over six hours to control the blaze. now it's all about the ship that has been taking on water and listing. the cruise line has offered to put on board other ships in the area. if they need other transportation, they'll fly them home. >> after the fire, right back on the seas. do you remember the man who by standers pulled from beneath a burning car in utah? we reported on it here. he said he wants to meet his rescuers. this video has gone viral. some people in logan, utah, pulling a 21-year-old motorcyclist from beneath that bmw. there he goes. it was a bad collision before,
4:35 pm
the 21-year-old biker broke a few bones but the doctors say he's going to be fine eventually and today, he came to reporters and said he wants they want to thank the heroes that risked their lives to save his. >> i'm forever in debt. i can't thank them enough and i hope they know how much they mean to me. >> shepard: he says he knows he's pretty darn lucky. >> i should have died several times. really. i should have died when i hit the pavement. i should have died when i hit the car. i should have hit when the car burst into flames. but i didn't. for some reason. and it just makes life that much more precious to me. >> shepard: you know it does. the motorcyclist says he remembers being beneath that car and then blacking out and by the time he woke up, he says the rescuers had already dragged him to safety. many of us still vividly recall the tragic events that unfolded during the attacks of 9/11 but there's an entire generation of
4:36 pm
children who weren't even alive. next, the touchy subject of how to teach the kids about that day. plus this simple request from one of our nation's newest medal of honor recipients. what this man wanted and what he received from our president. want to see a little bravery and modesty? and a terrific american hero? stay tuned. i'm on it, boss. new pony ? sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-mhine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the vending machine... already filled. cool bike. because the business with the best technology rules. even though i'm a great driver, and he's...
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>> shepard: story of the day here from a small town in kentucky to a kill zone in afghanistan and now the white house. a 23-year-old marine sergeant today received our military's highest award for valor. the medal of honor. for what he calls the worst day of his life. two years ago, then corporal dakota meyer saved 36 lives. he risked death or capture after hearing a call for help from someone over the radio.
4:40 pm
insurgents had ambushed his unit in a dark and remote village. >> we need to get in there. they need that support and they need that truck in there with the heavy guns and that's what it goes back to is knowing what's right and doing it. >> shepard: for then corporal meyer, right meant ignoring the orders that he got directly from command. instead, driving his humvee right into enemy fire over and over again. five times with a shrapnel wound and the nonstop bullets and rocket propelled grenades and on his final trip, he left the humvee to get his own team, even though he knew all four of them were dead. and after all that, he had only two requests. this was one. a beer with the president. the other -- memorial ceremonies for his fallen comrades. mike tobin with the news tonight. mike? >> shepard, dakota meyer is a guy who is not comfortable with all this ceremony and recognition. when he was first contacted by the white house, he did not jump
4:41 pm
into action. >> in fact, when my staff first tried to arrange the phone call, to tell him i had approved his medal, dakota was at work at his new civilian job on a construction site, he felt he couldn't take the call right then because he said if i don't work, i don't get paid. so we arranged to make sure he got the call during his lunch break. >> meyer says he's going along with the whole process to make the world remember the comrades who didn't make them out of the ambush. he wears their numbers on his wrist. he's doing it for the guys, the same reason he went into the ambush five times. >> that's your brothers, your marines. that's what you do for a brother. >> also not forgotten is staff sergeant juan rodriguez chavez. he drove the gun truck while dakota worked the gun.
4:42 pm
rodriguez chavez was recognized with the navy cross. shepard? >> shepard: i mentioned he had those two requests. one was a rememberance of his fallen comrades and two was this beer with the president. he got each, our american hero. >> shepard: rise of freedom now in our continuing series in the rebuilding of the world trade center more than a decade has now passed since the terrorists brought down the original buildings. what happened that day is now a terrible chapter in u.s. history. the question for schools is -- how do you teach the kids about it? >> how come they flew into the towers? >> good question! you mean the hijackers? >> shepard: joan judd teaches at a grade school in upstate new york which most of the country has no guidelines for teaching about the attacks of 9/11. >> when i prepared my lesson, i realized i was talking about the twin towers and fourth graders might not know what the twin
4:43 pm
towers are. >> shepard: even many high school students who live in new york city don't know the facts. >> somebody had mentioned there were three planes, there were four. >> shepard: it's a touchy subject and it's up to teachers to decide whether to teach it at all. >> you don't want to offend anyone and you don't want there to be anger geared towards certain students in the class. >> shepard: some teachers visit the tribute center at the world trade center for help. >> you can tell the story. survivor. >> shepard: former new york principal evacuated her high school on 9/11. she shares her story in classrooms trying to focus on the patriotism americans felt on september 12th. >> you want to be careful, what message you portray especially since it's a raw issue. >> shepard: some states, including new jersey, have put together suggested lesson plans. but educators don't have to follow them.
4:44 pm
new york state senator jack martins wants his state to require the teaching of 9/11. >> we should have a -- taught in a way that's youthful. >> shepard: parents want to make sure their kids are old enough to handle it. >> if they're too young, they're not going to be able to grasp, you know, what it means or at some point showing them that kind of tragedy. >> shepard: a lot to consider. very young minds. our rise of freedom series continues with more reports in the coming weeks and months and to check to what we've done so far, go to the web site, so was it a plane or a planet or maybe people from mars? nasa's weighing in now on the mystery in the skies over several southwestern states last night. plus a driver putting the pedal to the metal. problem is -- she was not going 2 miles an hour so all the world saw her. she hit the wrong pedal. that's next.
4:45 pm
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>> shepard: fox urgent now and the state of texas has just delayed the scheduled execution tonight of an inmate until u.s. supreme court rules on his case. it's gotten quite a bit of publicity. the man's name is dwayne buck. he was supposed to receive a lethal injection tonight for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and another man back in 1995 but lawyers are appealing. partially because they say a witness improperly discussed the suspect's race during punishment phase of that case. the suspect has also asked the texas governor and the presidential candidate rick perry to spare his life. nasa scientists shedding light on a mystery in the sky last night. folks in arizona and colorado, actually, arizona, california and nevada, i believe, they all called cops about a brightly
4:49 pm
colored flying object. >> really flash, go like in a big circle. >> shepard: we're told the lights show is more like a piece of an asteroid or a basketball sized meteor, not flying objects with little green men as one officer put it. trace gallagher is here with the news. i don't believe them. you don't believe them, too, do you? >> the thing is this is moving so fast when it comes into the atmosphere, it gets so hot, moving so fastly, it just burns up and disintegrates which is also why it burns so brightly in the sky. very interesting because the department of defense, they actually track these things and record them but nasa says unless it's much bigger, it really poses no threat. they also say these things actually are pretty common. listen. >> believe it or not, an object of this size will be expected to enter the earth's atmosphere on a weekly basis but, of course,
4:50 pm
the earth being mostly ocean and uninhabited areas, fairly unusual for an object this brightly seen in an uninhabited area. >> nasa calls it mother nature's greatest light show though very few get a chance to see it. shep? >> shepard: excuse me. i'm all choked up over this. california -- wow! you got a cold yet? california seems like a bit a hot spot for these sightings were what's wrong with you people out there? >> yeah, you know, you're right. over the past four years, we've had three of these mystery sightings, the one that got all the attention was last november. remember this? it was caught. video by a local news helicopter and it looked kind of like a rocket trail and people thought it was a mystery rocket launch. pentagon checked it out and said there was no rocket and norad said no rocket. it turns out to be a vapor trail from a passenger jet plane or at least that's what they tell us.
4:51 pm
>> shepard: that was a vapor trail from a passenger jet. >> that's what they say. we don't buy it. >> shepard: obviously, look at it. it's obviously a vapor trail from a plane. have a great night, pal. >> you bet. >> shepard: the elderly driver who crashed right into a store and nearly mowed down people inside said she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. look at it. a man and woman talking inside the southern california bike shop and then enter red cadillac. i know, right? you can see why the manager says folks came within inches of dying because, well, they came within inches of dying. and to top it all off, the store had just been remodelled. incredibly, nobody seriously hurt from that. three people with some minor injuries, sure. the 86-year-old driver's granddaughter was also in the car. and even though it slammed into the back wall, neither of them was hurt. 17 people killed, three of them generals.
4:52 pm
when a military plane crashes on takeoff. it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. angola, the wreck happened at an airport southwest of the capital. the country's army reporting a total of 11 officers died along with six civilians including two kids. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. haiti. protesters lighting tires on fire and hurling rocks at police in the capital of port-au-prince. they're demanding peacekeepers leave the country amid allegations one soldier sexually assaulted a local teenager in july. the u.n. has nearly 12,000 military and police personnel in haiti. its seven year mission ends next month. but haiti's president could ask for an extension. costa rica, police arresting three fishermen off the pacific coast and seizing their small
4:53 pm
boats after finding nearly a ton of cocaine on board. no word of where the suspects were taking it. pan, scientists in tokyo say they're training these small robots for next month's iron man triathalon in hawaii much the machines built to run, swim, and even ride tiny bicycles, an electronics company planning the stunt to show off its batteries, the robots will have one week to finish the race that spans more than 100 miles. most human athletes finish the iron man in 10 hours. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: remember the white house party crashers, real housewives of d.c.? her husband says he is crushed to find out that his wife was not kidnapped but on a journey with another man. the man between a rocker and a hard place. oh, that's next. ♪
4:54 pm
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>> shepard: some movements in the vitally important news of the white house gate crashers. you haven't been glued to the couple that crashed the dinner and you know that the husband who reported his wife kidnapped this week, it turns out she's run away with the guitarist for journey. now the couple's lawyer says the husband is devastated but relieved to know his wife is safe so now you're caught up. go on with life. folks across l.a. glued to their tv sets this afternoon watching cops pursue a bank robbery suspect for almost an hour. here's his car, the dark red suv. police say the driver held up a bank outside of anaheim and took off, speeds topping 80 miles per hour. at one point, they say he threw some of that stolen cash right out the window after about an hour, the man got out of his car, surrendered to the police without incident. before we go, our top five things of the day.
4:58 pm
netflix's stock tumbled today on the announcement that it expects to lose one million customers after they hiked rental prices. postal service might cut up to 35,000 jobs to save cash. number 3, the state department warns american citizens in syria, get out! as the government intensifies its violent crackdown on protesters. number 2, a jury in florida, a millionaire murder trial there. hearing a 911 call in which he calmly tells an operator he shot his wife. and number one, first time filings for unemployment benefits jumped to their highest level in three months. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1914, world war i took a long and bloody turn when allied and german troops dug their first trenches on the western front. war is never pretty but the trenches were an absolute horror. at the high point, 25,000 miles
4:59 pm
of them stretched through belgium and france. enemies often just 50 yards apart. there was barbed wire, there were machine guns, relentless artillery and poisoned gas. without the trenches, historians say the death toll might actually have been higher. two years to the day after the first souls hit the dirt, the tank rolled into battle for the very first time but a world war went underground 97 years ago today. and now, you know the news. for this wednesday, september 15th -- did i say wednesday? thank goodness, it's thursday! whoo! o'reilly is next and here he is. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> america is going to be guided by some set of values. christian values that this country was based upon. >> bill: governor perry entering the very controversial waters of church and state.


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